We provide a single platform for purchasing aircraft parts, and components, and finding repair services for commercial, MRO, Defence, and General aviation partners with simless and easy transaction.

What We Do

Components & Spares Support

Our global support focuses on the supply, loan, exchange, and repair of aircraft components at a competitive price and quick turnaround time. Systematic oversight and maintenance of aircraft parts and components to ensure their availability, reliability, and compliance with industry regulations. Sourcing, tracking, and servicing these components to support safe and efficient aircraft operations for all our clients.

Assets Management

If you have available assets and wish to sell, consign, or manage, we’re the perfect partner. We manage multiple assets on behalf of our customers, including engines, PBH, and APU. We ensure aircraft and associated documentation meet safety regulations, monitor maintenance schedules, track component histories, and maintain meticulous records for customer requirements.

Repair Management

We turn your concerns into cost-cutting solutions. RAM Air carries the entire burden of repair management with finding a suitable shop or OEM in effective TAT to minimize downtime and operational disruptions for our clients. Through strategic planning, skilled execution, and meticulous record-keeping to maintain client aircraft/components in optimal condition.

Where We Can Support You

Airline/MRO Consultancy

Airline/MRO Consultancy

Provide tailored advisory expertise to our aviation clients, including airlines and MROs. Our services optimize operations, improve safety, control costs, ensure compliance and offer valuable insights on fleet management, maintenance planning, and technology integration for operational excellence and sustained growth in the competitive aviation industry.

Airline/MRO Consultancy

Digital and Innovation-In MRO

Five emerging technologies that would change the course of the MRO approach include robotics, drones, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Airline/MRO Consultancy

Pre Purchase Inspection

RamAir provides a comprehensive examination of the aircraft's airworthiness, maintenance records, and overall condition of Aircraft. Our experts identify potential issues, assess compliance with regulations, and offer recommendations. Our service ensures that clients make informed purchase decisions and minimize post-acquisition surprises & safeguards their investment by verifying the aircraft's quality and suitability, ultimately promoting safety and peace of mind.

Airline/MRO Consultancy

ESG - Airlines & MRO

The Airline Industry Is A Significant Generator Of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), And Carbon Emissions From Air Travel Have Become A Topic Of Particular Concern. A New Promising Solution Are More Efficient Aircraft Is The Promise Of Technologies Such As Electric And Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft, As Well As Synthetic Jet Fuel.

Why Us?

20 + OEM inventory

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Type of Aircraft Supports

We provide a diverse range of aircraft components, including 20+ OEM parts, supported by a network of 10+ strategic partners. Our expertise centres on delivering reliable support for various aircraft types, ensuring access to top-quality OEM and global aftermarket parts. Our extensive inventory and strong partnerships set us apart in offering dependable aviation solutions.

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